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Shipping $15 Australia wide


Shipping $15 Australia wide

Liquor Lic. no. 50815803

WARNING: Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence: To supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (penalty exceeds $6000). For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (Penalty exceeds $500).

Jauma 2020 Hola Nuria Pet Nat

2020 Hola Nuria Pet Nat (kind of) $35

– No preservatives –

Verdehlo with a squeeze of Muscat. Bottled with residual sugar to ferment, looks like this year she's happy only throwing a hint of bubbles. Maybe she'll fizz up ? I guess we'll find out. Tastes beautiful with a hint of sweetness and spritz so let's just roll with it :)

Jauma 2020 Why Try So Hard

2020 Why Try So Hard $35

– No preservatives –

A homage to one of the major lessons natural wine has taught me; A life with ease is a life without 'dis'ease. Blush in colour, Chenin  Muscat, carbonic Grenache.

Jauma 2020 Audrey Carbonic Shiraz

2020 Audrey Carbonic Shiraz $35

– No preservatives –

So juicy. Full carbonic with confectionery aroma but the vines stand in unirrigated  rocky soils so underlying the frivolity of the smell is a wine unleashing terroir.

Jauma 2020 Ralph's Shiraz

2020 Ralph's Dry Grown Clarendon Shiraz $35

– No preservatives –

Nestled on the Clarendon, ironstone ridge these vines produce mineral and fruit rich shiraz grapes. So much purity and clarity. I've been working on this wine for 11 years and enjoy this opportunity more every year.

Jauma 2020 Birdsey Franc

2020 Birdsey Franc $35

– No preservatives –

Smooth and rich in flavour. Barrel aged. Over looking the gulf from Seaview these grapes always deliver fruit intensity wrapped in saline swaddling.

Jauma 2020 Like Raindrops Grenache

2020 Like Raindrops Mclaren Vale Grenache $35

– No preservatives –

Juicy, spicy, roses. Yum. Our 2016 was voted by Gourmet Traveller as Australia's top Grenache but crudely described as short living 'as the label states preservative free'. That 2016 is so youthful, we kept stock for the judges to review and learn from :)

Jauma 2020 Farm Cider

2020 Jauma Farm Cider $35

– No preservatives –

 7 apple and pear varieties from Jauma farm + a splash of Muscat grape juice.

120 bottles only.

Jauma 2020 Disco Special

2020 Disco Special $25

– No preservatives –

 A red blend, all-purpose

party drinker.

Jauma 2020 Summer Six Pack

2020 Summer 6 Pack $200

– No preservatives –

1 x Jauma Farm Cider

1 x Birdsey Franc

2 x Disco Special

2 x Audrey Carbonic Shiraz


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Jauma Logo - wild, expressive, living wines